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For more than 35 years, New Buck chimney Sweeps has been the Greater Columbus area’s #1 chimney sweep and stove shop. We’re a family owned and operated company, and we believe in extending that family care to our customers by providing quality service at an affordable price.

But we know that in order to provide the highest quality service, we have to commit ourselves to being the best at what we do. We value education because we know That through it, we’re able to offer better services and better care. That’s why we maintain membership with the National Chimney Sweep Guild(NCSG) and invest in ongoing education for all of our sweeps. All of our technicians are either Master Sweeps or Certified Sweeps, and every member in our family of technicians is educated, experienced, and equipped to tackle each and every chimney and fireplace need, including:

We provide Mess-Free, Stress-Free Annual Maintenance & Repairs
Fireplaces, wood stoves, and other heating appliances require proper care, annual maintenance, and inspections in order to stay in peak condition and keep fire risk and carbon monoxide risk at a low. Are you keeping up with maintenance? Let New Buck Chimney Sweeps make it easy and affordable! We pride ourselves on our work and strive to provide prompt and professional service, without making a mess or causing you stress! Our team works hard to keep your home clean from the start of the job to the finishing touches. We’ll treat you and your home with respect – guaranteed!
Our Service Area
We’re proud to offer chimney sweepings, inspections, repairs, and more to our neighbours throughout Franklin Central Ohio.
Chimney Inspections Can Keep You Safer & Better Informed
As a homeowner, you work hard to keep your home and family protected against unnecessary dangers and your bank account protected against unnecessary loss. But did you know that chimney inspections can go a long way towards protecting your assets and your loved ones?

That’s why the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) urge homeowners not to miss a single annual inspection. By keeping up with annual inspections, you can be confident that your chimney and fireplace or stove are clean, in good working order, and ready to bring you and your family another year of heat and delight. We offer A Long –Lasting Solution To Liner Trouble if your chimney needs to be relined, let us help.

New Buck chimney Sweeps installs only the best stainless steel liners on the market – Forever Flex. These liners are 100% 316Ti stainless steel combined with titanium, and carry a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. When you have the certified professionals at New Buck Chimney Sweeps reline your chimney with a high-quality Forever Flex liner, you can rest assured your liner will last as long as you do!

From Small Projects to Large Projects, We Do It All
Since our inception more than 35years ago, we’ve been providing expert masonry services and repairs throughout Central Ohio. From small scale projects to large projects, our team is capable of tackling it all. Some of our masonry installation and repair specialities include:

Chimney Rebuilds – Regardless of whether your chimney was built incorrectly, has suffered a chimney fire or water damage, or has simply deteriorated over time, a rebuild doesn’t have to mean stress and mess. New Buck Chimney Sweeps can give you a beautiful, effective new chimney at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time frame. We’ve built hundreds upon hundreds of chimneys for our neighbours throughout Central Ohio and stand behind our work.

Crown Repair – If your crown is crumbling, cracked, or doing a poor job of keeping moisture out of your chimney system, we can help. We use CrownTite to provide seamless repairs and results. If your crown is beyond repair, we can still take care of it. Our team will build you an effective new crown that will keep moisture out, year after year.

Tuckpointing & Brick Replacement – As expert masons, we specialize in tuckpointing work and brick replacement and can restore the structural strength and beauty of your masonry chimney. If eroded mortar joints and cracked brick has left your chimney in disrepair, let us help!

Request Your Free, No Obligation Masonry Estimate Today!
Is it time your masonry received the attention of a professional? Let New Buck Chimney Sweeps help! We provide free, no obligation, in-home estimates on all masonry work, so you can budget and plan for your masonry project.

Call us at 614-882-9922 or fill out our online appointment request form to request your free estimate!
Enjoy The Protection Of Professional Chimney Waterproofing
As a homeowner, few things are as upsetting and anxiety-causing as water problems and leaks. Whether you hear the drip, drip in your fireplace or see discoloration, decay, rust, or vegetation along your chimney, discovering a water problem is unpleasant, to say the least. Repairs take time and cost money, but what if there was a way to safeguard the masonry of your chimney so it’s better protected against water intrusion? There is!

The team at New Buck Chimney Sweeps is proud to offer those in Columbus and beyond the added protection of chimney waterproofing services. We use professional products that are proven to protect the brick and mortar of the chimney, without trapping vapor produced during combustion inside of the brick. Once the chimneySaver product is professionally applied, water molecules are unable to penetrate the masonry, which is normally porous. In other words, your masonry won’t be under constant water attack, as it is without professional waterproofing products.
How Are Professional Chimney Waterproofing Products Different From Paints Or Sealers?
The ChimneySaver products we used differ from the paints and sealers typically found at the hardware store. How so? One, the products we use do not alter the look of your masonry or leave a glossy look or appearance. Instead of sitting on the surface of the masonry like paints and sealers, these products are absorbed into the masonry itself. Additionally, our waterproofing products are 100% vapour permeable, and allow the masonry to breathe, while still keeping water out. This is important because the masonry of the chimney has to be able to release vapour that’s produced during combustion. If not, this moisture can become trapped inside the masonry, leading to deterioration and further destruction.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
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